what is the Dead stick drone

single fishing rod holderThis unique fishing rod holder has been designed to provide the fastest release possible.

For example, Walleyes are very finicky and the slightest tug or jiggling of your fishing line, while removing your rod from an existing fishing rod holder,  is not a smooth transition.

It may seem like it to you. but not to the fish!

Once the Walleye feels any (and I mean any) movement on the fishing line and that fish will drop the bait! 

Science dictates that a fish can bite and let go twice before you can grab the rod and set the hook.

Our Patent Pending design has many functionalities.   

Picture this scenario.

You are ready to move to the next fishing spot… The Dead Stick Drone allows you to leave your rod in in the holder and flip it 90 degrees, so it will become the storage holder for your rods till you reach the next fishing spot.

We first developed the Double rod holder and it looked very much like a drone double fishing rod holderHence….. the Dead Stick Drone!  

Our amazing fishing rod holders are now patent pending and proudly manufactured in our facility In the USA, with American made machines.

Give one a try for thirty days or receive a full refund including shipping!

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